25 Biggest WordPress mistakes still made in 2018

that can be avoided…

  1. Thinking the technology itself will make you succeed
  2. Relying on “experts” instead of learning the basics
  3. Not defining the goal(s) of having a website and social media
  4. Not planning a clear pathway for achieving your goals
  5. Not making it clear to your audience what your site is about
  6. Not making it easy for your audience to act
  7. Having too many options (including dropdown menus)
  8. Ignoring the mobile experience
  9. Not measuring or paying attention to users interactions
  10. Looking messy, unprofessional or out of date
  11. Not addressing audience objections
  12. Building a custom theme without specific needs
  13. Having sloppy content – copy-writing and imagery
  14. TL;DR – having content Too Long that users Didn’t Read
  15. Not providing free content of value
  16. Not having a Search Engine Optimisation plan
  17. Not having a disaster plan
  18. Using a low quality, cheap or middleman hosting
  19. Spending more money on tech than content
  20. Over emphasizing social media assets
  21. Not seeking user feedback
  22. Not having an ongoing investment plan
  23. Spending all your budget on website build
  24. Investing in nonstrategic social media
  25. Not investing time in learning new skills
Maserati image by @NebulousMusings