Speaking at WordPress Melbourne Meetup

What is the most romantic thing you can do this Valentines day? Well coming along to the Melbourne WordPress Meetup to hear me talk about how to "Attract more love to your WordPress Content". Why let the advertising industry tell you how to express your love? Book in...

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Net101 Podcast

#17 Glenn Todd, WordPress Expert The in’s and out’s of using WordPress for your next website or blog… Glenn Todd from Dvize is the walking resource. Episode #17 – Host: Tim Martin View the Shownotes and podcast page

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An Aussie at SXSW: Reflections and Planning

After hearing about the high calibre of the content at SXSW, I decided to head to Texas and check it our for myself. I am a big fan of "curation" and use events like this to catch up on the latest trends and insights without spending large amounts of time researching...

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Building a WordPress website in 45 minutes

Glenn Todd, from Bindarri demonstrated setting up and using WordPress for nonprofits as part of the Connectingup Conference held in Melbourne, June 1-3 2011. While performing this live, Glenn tweeted it... here is his twitter feed: Welcome to my #WordPress #CU11...

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Glenn Todd at WordCamp Melbourne 2011

Glenn Todd, founder of both Dvize and Bindarri, is speaking at the next WordCamp Melbourne on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th Feb. At the event, Glenn will be discussing the Bindarri website redevelopment, which is focusing on building the community of contributors to...

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