Custom style – WordPress theme tweaking and customisation

Skill Level: Intermediate

Unleash the power of WordPress theme customisation and gain control of your website design and layout. We teach you how to tweak themes using theme based control panels and then move onto tweaking the theme styles directly. We will then move to explore the WordPress theme structure in detail and demonstrate the skills required to be fluent in customising WordPress Themes. This process will outline any further required training you may require to become fluent or allow you to effectively direct a professional theme builder to make complex customisations.

What you will achieve during this session:

  • An understanding of how WordPress themes work
  • Completion of basic customisations to your theme

Anticipated Outline of Content:

  • Tweaking colours, fonts and layout using theme frameworks
  • Introduction to HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Introduction to responsive design
  • Exploring mobiles, tablets, alternative devices and printing
  • Introduction to naked theme frameworks
  • Best practice approach to working with themes
  • Working with child themes
  • Firebug and tweaking CSS
  • Introduction PHP and WordPress template tags
  • Adding and removing HTML code
  • Introduction to the WordPress theme structure and template hierarchy
  • Introduction to media queries

Amplify this Session

HTML and CSS are the basic languages used to display and format content on the web and are the basic languages of WordPress themes. To be expert in working with themes you will need a good understanding of these two languages. If you do not know HTML and CSS, this course will be a good introduction to these languages and how they are applied. To get the most of this course we recommend completing an online introductory course such as:

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