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Resources – My Web Development Business

Business Systems
Client Engagement process and project handover

Our guide to project efficiency
How to save money on your project.

Interactive website brief
Ask the right questions

Disaster Planning
What to do when your website crashes or gets hacked? This guide will help you get ready so you can handle these issues.

Standard Project Stages
Every project unique so we may approach your project differently, however here is our standard approach:

Sample website agreement
This is the basic website agreement we use for delivering website services.

Resources – My Activist Training Brand

Website Tech
We demystify how to setup a domains, hosting, websites and email.

Digital Security for Everyone
For beginners and non-technical people with the aim of increasing security across our whole community.

Security and tools for organising
This guide was created to strengthen Community organising and to support individual organisers.

Activist Media Guides
Managing media for actions and building campaigns – Inc Photography, Video, Social Media, Events