Grand master WordPress – advanced techniques

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Design and build advanced content systems such as libraries, portfolios and show-cases while creating a smooth, easy to navigate user experience for your WordPress site managers.

We start with reviewing case studies that utilise advanced techniques and then move on to creating a technical plan.

Then we show you how to will apply the advanced WordPress functions.

What you will achieve during this session:

  • An understanding of advanced WordPress techniques
  • Production of a technical plan
  • Implementation of advanced WordPress techniques

Anticipated Outline of Content:

  • Case studies to show the power of the following techniques
  • Introduction to prototyping
  • Technical planning
  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Taxonomies
  • Custom Fields
  • Conditional Tags
  • WordPress Template hierarchy
  • Integrating functions into themes
  • Related plugins to expand these techniques

Amplify this Session

It is recommend that you are reasonably fluent with WordPress theming to do this session. If you are not experienced, then completing the Custom Style session will get you up to speed.

HTML and CSS are the basic language used to display and format content on the web and is the basic language of WordPress themes. To be expert in working with themes you will need a good understanding of these two languages.

If you do not know HTML and CSS, get the most of this session by completing an online introductory course such as:

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