WordPress and technology courses

WordPress Accelerator

Fast track your WordPress skills from novice to awesome in two days. This course is designed from 18 years experience to provide Step by step guidance to build your own WordPress website including bells, whistles and then some. More Information

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WordPress and Marketing Masterclass

With the only course like this in the world, Glenn will teach you how to use WordPress as a marketing platform that will produce results. Make beautiful websites that actually work, resonate with your audience and generate leads. More information

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Glenn runs public training courses that includes many of these modules a few times a year. Please add your name and email to our newsletter to be updated on times, dates and locations

These courses can also be run by demand or customised for your needs. Contact Glenn to discuss running any of these training courses.

Other course modules

Digital Security

Protect yourself from advertisers, spys and hackers. Work more securely with your team.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Introduction to the advanced methodology that digital experts apply when developing website and online marketing strategy

Divi Theme Intensive

Fast track training to build fancy websites using Divi theme and builder

Kings & Queens of Content

Source, license, produce, process, publish, syndicate and make the most of your content

Power WordPress

Leveraging themes and plugins

Custom WordPress Style

Theme tweaking and customisation

Grand Master WordPress

Advanced techniques

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