Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not answered here
Why choose Glenn over all the WordPress trainers out there?

Have a look at our competitors.

Crappy websites huh? This shows they don’t know much about this stuff or they are part of an arcane bureaucracy that cannot even sort a decent website. Wonder how arcane their teaching and courses are?

Where are the coach names? After paying the middle people and company directors, there is not much left to pay the the coaches, hense their coaches come and go and are they even of much quality?

Are their coaches as good as Glenn? So they actually list their coaches. Great. Do they have 18 years web development, 9 years WordPress and 6 years tech training experience? Just Saying.

I am new to this and find techno jargon confusing

Thats ok, we’re experienced working with beginners and we will translate all the techno speak into plain English so you can understand us! We have trained people over 80!

What do I need to bring?

Ideally we work from your own laptop or computer. This will allow you to learn in your environment and to transfer your knowledge easier. If you are unable to bring a computer, we can train from Glenn’s computer.

If you learn by writing notes, bring a notepad and pen. Recording devices are cool too.

Can you do the stuff that is too hard for me?

Certainly, I offer a complete website building service through my company Dvize Creative. You may want to learn some skills and pay to develop the harder stuff. I can help.

Why don't you use a computer lab to teach in?

When you leave my training, you will leave with the knowledge and setup on your own computer. So when you take it home, you can keep going. Although a fancy lab would be easier for me, it is much harder for students to then apply the learning on their own machine when they get home.

We also do some tech support to get machines doing what we need, so this overcomes a big barrier when going from a lab to your own setup.

Do you offer charity/community discounts?

Our main focus is to provide free training to community and activist groups via Our commercial services are the sole funder of ActionSkills. If you would like discounted or free services, please get involved and help us organise community training by joining ActionSkills here

or contact Glenn to discuss

Do you provide in-house training or custom training modules

Yes. Contact Glenn to discuss what you will work for you

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