Power WordPress – leveraging themes and plugins

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

The exciting thing about WordPress are the thousands of awesome styles and extra functionality you can plugin into your WordPress site. We will show you how to find the right theme and also find the best plugins for your requirements. Then we’ll show you how to get them working. We will look at plugins for search optimisation, social media, improving content and user experience, technical management, mapping, events and building community.

What you will achieve during this session

  • An understanding of how to find and use the best plugins and themes
  • Installation of your own plugins and themes
  • Custom tweaking of your theme

Anticipated Outline of Content

Part 1

  • Introduction to themes and plugins
  • How to install themes and plugins
  • Setting up SFTP
  • Commercial vs free

Part 2

  • How to find and select the best plugins
  • Recommended WordPress plugins
  • Introduction to advanced plugins and their application
  • Technical integration of social media – Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Integration of online tools such as YouTube, Google maps, SlideShare etc

Part 3

  • How to find and select the best themes
  • Tweaking colours, fonts and layout using theme frameworks
  • Introduction to theme tweaking
    • Child themes
    • Introduction to CSS and HTML
    • Introduction to WordPress theme structure
  • Introduction to specialist themes and their application

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